14 Mar

Printed Sticky Notepads from Stik2it  comes in a variety of different colours to fit your personality. You can get one for either fun or business. For those who are fun loving, try getting a sticky note that having a picture of your favourite pop star or rock band. This will make your recipient feel like they got the latest buzz on the latest gossip and your piece of paper will get the latest price in pink if the celebrity is female. If the celebrity is male, the price will be in blue and in pink.

Other fun and colourful promotional sticky notes are ones with funny sayings and pictures. These will get the best reactions when people use them, but you could also have one that has a serious side to it. People might look at the funny picture and think of the person who is giving them a gift and receiving one of these fun promotional sticky notes as a gift, so this type of humour would be more appreciated by your recipient if it were serious.

Another option for those who want to get the latest gadget or style without having to spend a lot of money is to get some of the colour printed sticky notepads. There are various different coloured versions available in, from bright white ones to bright reds and pinks. Your recipients will love to have these colourful sticky pieces everywhere they go. It is a great way for you to advertise your company and get your name out there in front of your target audience.

Printed sticky notes are also used in class. Students will often put them on their schoolbag as well as in their locker to remember where they put things. A student can get a special note with their name printed on it, when they enter college. This type of gift is very popular with young children. Giving them a special promotional sticky notes with their name on them is sure to get them excited about their new home when they leave primary school.

Another occasion for which students love to receive this kind of gift is when they become part of the student body in college. The best way to advertise your business is to give your students a notepads with their name printed on it and include a packing type packet. You can have your emblem or business name printed on this packet and include a tag with your contact details as well as your website address. This type of gift is a great way to let your students know that you care about them and that you are sending them your best wishes for their first day at college.

Finally, another great idea for promotional sticky notes is to give them out during a busy period of time, such as a company picnic or a fundraising fair. Students love to use pens and other writing utensils during picnics are always fun events to attend with the family. Handing out a packing type packet during the event will help your students to use the utensils they need and to get hold of your company's name during this time of need. You can view here for more info.

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